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My Light Side recently came across an article talking about how the World Health Organization recognized “burnout” as a bona fide mental health issue and read it with interest.

As he reviewed the symptoms, he realized the only thing missing was his photo. Then the ties between burnout and anxiety and depression clarified the past few months with no questions unanswered.

Now I understand why I’ve been left in the abyss and why the Muse has been so conspicuously absent. With the life-changing events that have occurred in his life recently, he knows it will get better and we will both get back on track, but it will take some time. This is not an overnight fix, nor is it something you can pop a pill to chase away. It takes time and it takes effort to move on from, so I have no idea when he’ll be reaching out to me or when the Muse will pop in with an idea.

I will be ready when that happens...

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