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Vacation Beckons…

Both figuratively and literally, as it happens. I am on vacation from my “day job” this week, and then as I lay sleeping tonight, Stephen King’s new novel “The Outsider” will magically appear in the library on my Kindle.

Once that happens, I’ll be on vacation from writing too, as I slip happily into the world that he creates so well… but for the moment, I am working on my book.

I finished the new short story yesterday, and have been working on the book this morning. Thanks to Scrivener, I can jump into whatever part occurs to me, and put everything into proper sequence after the fact, so I don’t need to work in a linear fashion.

(Very helpful when you haven’t done that outline you were supposed to do!)

Yes, Muse… you’re right. I have not done it yet, mea culpa. But I will get to it, probably when the light bulb goes off and I see all the elements laid out clearly in my mind’s eye, I’ll scribble them down like mad and capture them to use as my road map.

In the meantime, I’ll put down the scenes and events as they occur to me, just as I do with my short stories, so they’ll be ready to step into place in that shiny new outline.

I have the foreword (yes, there will be a foreword to stage the story) complete, and it works very well, if I do say so myself.

(OK, fine, it does work well. You’re welcome, by the way.)

Thank you, Muse. Take a bow, won’t you?


Lunch is finished, dog’s business attended to, and the car has been moved to where it belongs. Time to get back to it.

Sleep well…

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