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Wait, what?

You just never know where the next story idea will come from.

My wife and I have become very friendly with a lady who works at the restaurant we’ve adopted as our “hangout”. As we were shooting the breeze with her last Monday evening, she told us about her husband, a veteran corrections officer who enjoys doing taxidermy as a hobby.

The bells and buzzers in my head went off immediately, ideas flowing like water from a busted hose. That combination just begs to be the basis for a story!

Needless to say, “Model Prisoner” is my current work in progress… I had the first scene completed in my head before I was half way through my dinner that night!

In other news, I just updated the web site this morning, adding a full page blurb for a forthcoming release of my collection, “What If?” I have it staged and ready for widespread eBook distribution, slated for Halloween, 2018. Whether it will also be available in print is undecided as yet.

I have it in the hands of a few beta readers right now, so they have ample time to get back to me with thoughts, opinions, any errors they might uncover, and so on before I pull the trigger to schedule the release.


On a sad note, Dennis Serra has announced that he won’t be continuing the Evil Podcast any longer, due to other obligations. I’ll miss his narration, and hope he’ll enjoy the new path he’ll be taking from here on out.

Changing times, changing landscapes, but the writing goes on, as well it should.

Sleep well…

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