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We’ll try…

My plan for December was to complete the layout of the private run I want to do of everything I’ve done thus far, and then take a break to catch up on reading. I have a number of books in the Kindle waiting their turn, growing impatient.

And that’s when the Muse dropped a new “What If?” on me, one that would have been a perfect fit for the Twilight Zone in Rod Serling’s heyday.

Set in 1959, with as many elements to capture the time as I can include without being obvious, this one even plays in B&W in the theater of the mind as I read it…I even hear Tommy Tedesco’s guitar playing the Zone theme at the end! This one is not so much traditional horror, as a….well, as a Twilight Zone occurrence.

I’ve created a folder on the desktop for 2018 work, and this will be added once the final edits are complete. That folder already holds my “attempt” at drafting an outline for a novel, outlining not being my forte…we shall see. But, I’m pleased that my short story ideas continue to come along, as they always have!

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