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With Thanks…

In today’s Trembling With Fear column on The Horror Tree, Steph Ellis made two comments that helped bring me out of a four day funk.

I’d been very hopeful about my submission to Cemetery Dance magazine, but received a rejection a couple days ago. That was a market I really wanted to break through in hopes one of my tales might actually be read by Stephen King.

That’s been a big goal since the first word landed on the first page, you see…

Steph also got rejected by them, and she is a very talented writer. She takes it in stride, which is how I generally deal with rejections when they come. Seeing her column helped me take the personal aspect out of it, and just consider it business as usual, like I do with all the others.

She also has some kind words about the site, as she is visiting a number of sites in preparation for building one for herself.

So, thank you Steph Ellis, for putting things in proper perspective and in so doing, dropping that ladder into the grave so I can climb back up and out!


Sleep well…

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